Brightwork Dental Introduces the Comfort Menu

Brightwork Comfort Menu

Comfort is not necessarily a word ever associated with a dentist visit, that’s why we at Brightwork created the Comfort Menu.

80 percent of Americans have fears about the dentist and 50 percent of them are hesitant to even make an appointment!

We wanted to find a way to ease some of those reservations. We are passionate about our work and we want to make our patients feel as relaxed as possible when it comes to their visits.

We offer patients the choice of headphones, dark glasses, and neck pillows to make your appointment more enjoyable.Brightwork Comfort Menu Detail

“I have never been nervous about going to the dentist, but the launch of this Comfort Menu just shows the dedication they have for their work.  It’s nice to know that they care about their patients,” said Charlotte Briggs, patient of fifteen years.

Our business is making our patient’s smiles as healthy as possible and so of course we want to give them more of a reason to smile. Come see our new Comfort Menu, visit our appointments page to schedule your next visit.

(Statistics provided by Dr. John Moore DDS.)


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